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Isn't it funny that so many people want to go into business, but they don't want to work on the job they have. When I was working for someone else I often heard people count down the days until Friday, the weekend, vacation, or holidays. They often use terms like to need to take time off to enjoy life or you need to stop sometime and smell the roses. These are the people who usually can't afford the roses. I strongly recommend that they stay on their safe job because they would fail in business very quickly. I like the following phrase that explains business ownership, it states: "You work 60 hours a week for yourself, so that you don't have to work 40 hours for somebody else." If you ask any business owner they will attest to that statement.


Entrepreneurs are driven people, and they play as hard as they work. It is unfortunate that most people can't tell the difference between their work and their play. I encourage you not to go into business until you are mentally and emotionally prepared for the uncertainity and insecurity that being a business owner has to endure. Stay tuned and follow this blog for more good info.